10 Habits For A Bright Morning

Have you ever realised that the rest of your day often seems to end up in a lot of confusion, when your morning begins in a flurry, snoozing your alarm, avoiding breakfast, and hurrying out the door?

Trust me, your morning’s tone will dictate your entire day’s style. What you cultivate in the morning affects how you feel, behave, and think during the rest of the day. You operate under practices (both good and bad) all the time; whether you recognise them or not, they are an integral part of daily life. If you want to develop good behaviours, you will need to put some concerted effort into shaping them before they become your nature.

So here are ten things I do in the morning that help me kick start my day. I hope these habits help you too:

  1. Water is your new best friend.
    Sorry guys and gals, if a smart phone was and is your best friend, it’s time to replace it. Keep a bottle of water on the bedside table and not your mobile. After hours of not eating or drinking, all your body needs is hydration. An efficient way to hydrate your body is to drink a glass of water in the morning after spending hours without a sip.
  2. The 6 Phase meditation
    It’s been over a year now that I have been practicing this 18 minute 6 phase mediation, which I learnt from Vishen Lakhian Founder of Mind valley.. This meditation is very easy to follow and quite powerful as it contains all the essential elements of mindful living – Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Vision, Positive Planning and Love. You can download the free app “Omvana” and practice the free guided meditation through this app.

  3. A walk in the garden
    I then spend time in my little terrace garden, watching the sun, flying birds, freshly blossomed flowers and fruits and feel the morning breeze. This kind of massages my inner soul every morning and nothing can be more blissful feeling then these. Spending time with the nature gives you so many lessons to learn.

  4. Lime and lemony
    This Indian Ayurvedic method of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon helps eliminate toxins that may have built up overnight from your digestive tract. This also provides a good source of vitamin C, refreshes your breath, promotes weight loss, and improves metabolism and digestion.
  5. Workout time
    Whether it is a gentle yoga workout, a brisk walk, a fast series of sit-ups and push-ups, or hitting the gym – 20 to 30 minutes of daily works out is sure to energize the body and mind. Determine and plan what sort of exercise is best for you. There’s no need for it to be complicated, long, or intense; it can be something you like, which is fun and doable regularly.
  6. Self-talk and affirmations
    As you get ready for the shower, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself a few affirmations. These affirmations could be about your body image, work, personal life, or mental health. Tell yourself that you’re going to conquer your day and that you believe in the person standing in the mirror. Remember that you are your only competition and also your only best friend.
  7. Self-care routine
    Putting time and effort into your appearance helps to gain confidence in yourself. So have a good shower, moister your body, pick your favourite dress, do your hair, put on your best perfume. Apply any other hygiene/grooming habits that make yourself feel good. Look yourself in the mirror and adore your beauty / charm.
  8. Mindful breakfast
    You’ve most certainly heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. You’ll have more fuel throughout the day and a more remarkable ability to concentrate and stay focused when you make time to eat a healthy mindful breakfast (lean proteins, good fats, and whole grains). Be aware of what you are eating. Take time to eat. Don’t combine your eating time with Mobile checking / Mail Checking / Tv watching / Newspaper reading activities. If you love music, the best thing to do is enjoy your breakfast with god music playing in background.
  9. Revise your to do list
    Its now time to take out few minutes to write down or review your “to-do” list. Then prfioritize it so that the list of your day has only 3 to 5 items on it, ranked in priority order to ensure that you first tackle the most pressing problems. Instead of having them floating around in your head, writing down your “to- do’s” allows simple mental chatter. When you know what you are, you also give yourself a sense of purpose each day.
  10. Motivation time
    All set, I kick start my day while listening to the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale. This super enriching, highly motivating speech was introduced to me by my Mentor Siddharth Rajshekar. Listen to it once (Click here) and you will know why I am so hooked on to it.

What to avoid in the morning?
Say no  to mobile phone. If the first thing you do is check your mobile for texts or work emails when you wake up, you are doing a disservice to yourself. Instead of a constructive one, you are instantly fostering a reactive mentality that will cause you to start your day in a defensive state rather than a position of inner peace and power.

Say no to alarm clock. Another extraordinary habit I heard is the one followed by Oprah Winfrey. She says “ It (alarm clocks) make me agitated. Everything begins and ends with stillness: a conscious awareness of my presence within the greater presence of all, whether I’m paying attention to the way the sun’s rising, or whether it’s misty out in the morning on the trees”. She does not need an alarm clock to remind her. Her body clock is set. Teach your subconscious mind once and you are all set for your lifetime.

Say no to sleeping late. Remember, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Getting up early gives you a kick start for the day ahead. Besides allowing you more hours for your work, it also boosts your speed. Studies have suggested that when you wake up early, you will be more energetic and will take lesser time to do a task that would take more time otherwise. You will be more adept in taking better decisions, planning and achieving goals.

To conclude, your energy in the morning is a clean slate, and you get a chance each day to build it up the way you want.

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I hope this little bite on Morning habits inspired you. If you are listening to this on my podcast, that’s great. If you are reading on my blog, do leave a like and comment below. Let me know are your thoughts on this. Your comments, feedback and review mean a lot to me.

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