Entrepreneur Mindset Unleashed.

What kind of mind set should an entrepreneur have?

If we want to succeed as an entrepreneur, it is essential to have the right mindset. The mindset of an entrepreneur.

So, you may ask me, do entrepreneurs have a specific mindset?

Yes indeed, there is a HUGE difference in mindset between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur’s mindset is composed of 3 main elements:

Beliefs –They believe in themselves, in their businesses, and in their products or services. Most of all, they understand the power of beliefs to determine what they will or will not do, what they will or will not notice, and the actions they will or will not take.

Focus – If there is one key trait of a successful entrepreneurial mindset, it is the ability to direct one’s focus, to put time, energy, and attention toward what will help build the business and mitigate whatever will hold it back.

Attitudes – Entrepreneurship requires specific emotional and mental traits that can be grouped under the term attitudes. The attitudes people bring to work will determine whether they are suited for entrepreneurship or not.

What are the major differences between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset?

  1. Employees seek direction while entrepreneurs create a path
    The employees generally seek help when they are stuck with a problem, while an entrepreneur is always finding solutions to have an error free, smooth functioning of the system / work force.
  2. Employees execute tasks while entrepreneur’s plan
    Employee look forward to a set of tasks to be given and execute them one by one. While en entrepreneur, creates a plan of action. They need to have the vision and as per the vision, they develop strategies and create plan of actions.
  3. Employees have definite skill set and continue improving and working the same while entrepreneur is multi skilled and talented.
    Often, we see entrepreneurs donning various hats…from an accountant at times, to a business development officer to a CEO to an office boy to an HR manager, Whereas an employee just up skills only on a one particular functionality.
  4. Employees appreciate steady employment while entrepreneurs are risk takers
    Job security is the most important factor that keeps the employee glued and committed to an organisation. There is an assured amount of income that keeps coming to an employee month after month. For an Entrepreneur it’s all about risk taking and intuitiveness. There is no guarantee whatsoever on the income he will make or break in the next month. On the projects he will get next month. Yes, a careful planning and straggly will get him reach to certain benchmarks but not without the risks underlying. An entrepreneur should be ready to take risks.
  5. Employees dislike failure while entrepreneurs embrace it.
    Failure means learning, and entrepreneurs know that failure is more likely than success–and failure can lead to success. Employees would rather not fail at their jobs as it can lead to fear of losing the steady employment they value or being put on disciplinary notice.

 So how do develop the entrepreneur mindset?

  1. Understand yourself and start believing you. Develop intuitions. Develop focus. Develop passions.
  2. Have specific goals. Determine your path. Have the visions. Dare to dream big
  3. Value your time. Time is your biggest resource and investment. So start valuing your time and start measuring your time.
  4. Live to provide value and service and not finish tasks.
  5. Last but not least have the attitude of gratitude. You must look at all you have and realise how great what you have is as compared to the situation of many others.

In conclusion, I would like got remind you, build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

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